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Owned and operated by women, Genie Maid Services was formed to offer customers a resolution to their cleaning & organizational needs. Our foundation is built on integrity, trust, hard work, and customer satisfaction that can be genuinely seen from each visit to any property Genie Maid Professionals touch. We do not only want to leave a sparkle on clean surfaces, but also a sparkle on each customer’s face with a smile!

Genie Maid Services provides many types of cleaning services ranging from apartment cleaning to building disinfection with complete cleaning packages for each individual need.Read More

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Genie Maid Services

How It Works

Genie Maid Services

Our Services

House Cleaning

Home is where the heart is. It’s the place where every day’s dirt and grime lies. House cleaning is an unavoidable part of….

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Commercial Building Cleaning

Genie Maid Services believes appearances are everything. If you own a company or run a business, you want to ensure……

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Apartment Cleaning

Cleaning services are not limited to large spaces. If you are renting an apartment or own one, Genie Maid provides…..

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Disinfection Services

Highly professional cleaners carry out the disinfection service. Our cleaning professionals are well-trained in providing specialized…..

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Move In/ Move Out Services

Moving can be one of the most nerve wrecking and frustrating events in a person’s life. If you have ever moved or are in the middle of one….

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Appliance Cleaning

Just like any other part of your home, appliances also get dirty over time. With continuous food and liquids spills, there could be a great……

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Genie Maid Services

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Genie Maid Services


Genie Maid Services

Frequently Asked Questions

We assign 1 to 2 Genie Maid professionals to clean. If more is needed, we will assess that during the consult.

We aim to always have the same Genie Maid Professional assigned to your property. There are instances such as vacations, illness, requests for time off, and unforeseen circumstances where this is not always possible. In cases like this, we send another qualified Genie Maid Professional. You can be confident that you will receive the same high level of service.

We are bonded & insured.

Genie Maid Services accepts all major credit cards and cash.  A credit card is required to be on file when booking services.

We kindly ask that you provide us with 48-hour notice so that we may have an opportunity to schedule you for another appointment.

Please check our contact page or write us at [email protected]

Genie Maid Services


Client feedback

“Wonderful Experience. Service was fast, but effective. All of our request were met. The staff is very professional, my go to cleaning company is always Genie Maid Services.”

Kirstin Everton

“When Genie Maid Services cleans my home, it always smells great. Being busy working parents, Genie Maid Services just makes it easier for us to focus on other tasks. Kids turn you home into a playground, Genie Maid Services turns your home into a relaxing retreat!Thanks so much!”

Miguelle & Vanessa Garcia

“We hire Genie Maid Services twice a week for their maid services. We have had the same maid for a long time. Work is always consistent, & exceeds our expectations. Another great thing is that management is available, they reached out to us to get feedback on how things were going with the service being provided. This company cares about their clients!”

Carl and Virginia Gilbert