What Our Clients Say

“Wonderful Experience. Service was fast, but effective. All of our request were met. The staff is very professional, my go to cleaning company is always Genie Maid Services.”

Kirstin Everton

“When Genie Maid Services cleans my home, it always smells great. Being busy working parents, Genie Maid Services just makes it easier for us to focus on other tasks. Kids turn you home into a playground, Genie Maid Services turns your home into a relaxing retreat!Thanks so much!”

Miguelle & Vanessa Garcia

“We hire Genie Maid Services twice a week for their maid services. We have had the same maid for a long time. Work is always consistent, & exceeds our expectations. Another great thing is that management is available, they reached out to us to get feedback on how things were going with the service being provided. This company cares about their clients!”

Carl and Virginia Gilbert